IT professionals who do not require a Canadian work permit

IT professionals who do not require a Canadian work permit Canada immigration global

There is no need a work permit to come calmly to Canada if you should be eligible to certainly be a company Visitor.

Some tech professionals are qualified to come to Canada as Business Visitors, which means they don’t need an on-going work permit to enter the nation.

A Business Visitor is an international national who concerns Canada to conduct company activities. No work permit is required simply because they do not enter the labour market on their journey.

Become considered an on-going business Visitor, you need to demonstrate the immediate following:

•             You plan to keep for less than six months;

•             You may not intend to enter the labour market that is Canadian

•             Your place that is main of and source of income and earnings are outside Canada;

•             You’ve got documents that help the application; and

•             you meet Canada’s entry that is basic including a valid travel document like a passport, sufficient money for the stay and return home, an idea to go out of Canada at the end of one’s visit, and you are not just a unlawful, protection, or health danger to Canadians.

IT workers are considered Business Visitors in the circumstances that are following

Canada Immigration Global

Canada Immigration Global

After-sales solution

After-sales service occurs during cross-border transactions. These circumstances arise whenever a company that is Canadian purchased a item from a foreign business together with foreign company must provide solution or do maintenance work on the product. Foreign tech workers may be needed to travel to Canada to do this work. Possibly the item is complex gear that is technical computer systems pc software.

It might be an incident where in actuality the servicing for the item calls for specialized knowledge which will be just recognized to the employees regarding the company that is foreign. Therefore, the workers could be rendered eligible to enter as Business Visitors.

Guest Speakers/Workshop Participants

Another group of Business Visitors relates to those who are entering Canada to talk at a seminar or to be involved in a workshop.

Using the ever-expanding part of technology in today’s world that is modern there is a substantial escalation in how many such seminars or workshops targeting a wide array of tech-related subjects. Consequently, non-Canadian professionals may be provided entry to Canada as Business Visitors to ensure Canadians might reap the benefits of their knowledge that is specialized on given topic.


Another category of company Visitor that is normally seen through the tech industry are the ones who enter Canada to get training at a Canadian branch of a company that is multinational.

The utilization of certain computer software or gear can require proprietary knowledge specific compared to that business. There is certainly usually no replacement when it comes to who can offer training on this software or equipment. In such cases, there is absolutely no choice but to really have the international enter that is nationwide to receive training being a Business Visitor.

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Perform a lawyer becomes necessary by you?

Although the hiring of the attorney is at your discretion, immigration authorities have actually wide discretion when individuals that are assessing Canada. Being a total outcome of this, people who should get consideration as Business Visitors could be rejected entry on the basis of the edge officer thinking a work permit is needed.

Consequently, if entering Canada for work, you may possibly need to seek the advice of an immigration that is qualified to see just what can be achieved to increase the chances of your successful entry into Canada.